Sugar cravings on diet? Check out low calorie Locco creams!

Sugar cravings on diet? Check out low calorie Locco creams!

Feb 02, 2023smartfoodies Admin
Thinking about the word "diet", does the image of starvation, denying yourself and restrictive rules come to mind? This misconception must be changed! A diet is a healthy menu tailored to your needs, that will provide your body with the necessary ingredients. In addition to properly balanced meals, there should always be room for small pleasures. Can it also be sweets?

Reduction diet and sweets

A reduction diet is mainly based on reduced caloric content in relation to the body's total energy needs. The quality of the food we eat to lose weight is very important. A properly composed diet in terms of macro and micronutrients will properly nourish your body despite the caloric deficit. Such a diet cannot be just a chore, so remember that your menu does not have to exclude the products you love to eat. What if you love to eat sweets? From time to time, you can indulge in something sweet, but pay attention to the fact that on a reduction diet, it is more difficult to ensure the right amount of vitamins or minerals. In addition, sweets are caloric, but unfortunately, they will not satisfy our hunger for a long time. The solution is to look for low-calorie and sugar-free substitutes that we can eat without remorse and not worry about their high calorific value.

Sweet, but low in calories and no added sugar. Is it possible?

It turns out it is! Also, it’s very tasty and satisfies the desire for sweets. That's what LoCCo creams are! They have 3 times fewer calories than other low-sugar creams on the market. In addition, LoCCo spreads don’t contain palm oil, gluten, and sucralose. Sweetened with erythritol and maltitol, they have a low-fat content, which distinguishes them from other fitness products.

LoCCo spreads for everyone

LoCCo creams are an ideal product for people of all ages and lifestyles. They will work well on a reduction diet as a substitute for caloric sweets, satisfy the desire for sweets for people who want to limit sugar intake, and help avoid unnecessary kilograms. They are a great option for snacks for children who often love to reach for sweets! Thanks to the fact that they are sweetened with erythritol and maltitol, they are great products for diabetics. Erythritol doesn’t affect the level of glucose and insulin in the blood, because its glycemic index is equal to zero. Maltitol has a low glycemic index and for these reasons, it’s a great sugar substitute for people suffering from diabetes. LoCCo creams are a perfect addition to the daily menu for everyone. You can use them as an addition to waffles, pancakes, desserts, or cocktails.

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