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Nutchup Squeezy Nut Sauce Original 435 g 3-pack

Do you love peanut butter and can't decide on one flavor and type? Don't limit yourself! We have a delicious solution for you! Check out our set of peanut, cashew and almond nut butters! The variety of flavors and types will allow you to diversify your daily recipes even more.

They are keto & vegan friendly products that contain absolutely no palm oil, sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. This means that it is great choice for those who are on diets such as keto or vegan, but it also makes it suitable for people who want to avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Nutchup presents you with unlimited possibilities of consumption – it can be paired with pancakes, salads, smoothies, even with burgers or pizza! You can eat it in combination with fruit, ice cream, during travel and in the office. It's also a brilliant addition to children's meals!

Each set includes: Nutchup Squeezy Peanut Sauce Original 435 g, Nutchup Squeezy Almond Sauce Original 435 g and Nutchup Squeezy Cashew Sauce Original 435 g.

Enjoy the distinct taste of Peanut, exquisite delicate creaminess of Cashew and the richness of Almond.

    89,99 zł