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Premium category includes almond and cashew butters, as well as a special edition of Nutchup - Ketonella, perfectly suitable for the keto diet. The exclusive taste of your favorite, highest quality nuts is at your fingertips - indulge yourself in a little luxury. Nutchup butters are a delicious and healthy way to spice up your diet. They are rich in unsaturated fats, which cause a feeling of satiety that accompanies us for a longer period of time.

The uniqueness of nut butters lies not only in the nutritional value it contains, but also in its versatility of use! You can pair them with pancakes, salads, smoothies, burgers or pizza. You can eat them with fruit and ice cream or even during travel or at work. It's also a great addition to children's meals! They go well with cakes, creams, both with salty, sweet, spicy or mild dishes.

Enjoy the exquisite delicate creaminess of Cashew and the richness of Almond. Choose your favourite nuts and discover variety of flavours—you'll be amazed by how delicious nut butter can be!